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Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy

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Principal researchers:
Willy Kracht, Christian Ihle.
Academic associate researchers: Melanie Colet, Humberto Palza, César Pastén, Tomás Vargas, Leandro Voisin.
Associate researchers: Claudia Castillo, Humberto Estay, Camila Pizarro, Cristián Reyes, Samuel Rojas.
Postdoctorate: Jacqueline Hidalgo.
MSc. students: Velin Alexandrov, Matías Álvarez, Mabel Araneda, Jorge Casanova, Gonzalo Damm, Gonzalo Jéldrez, Carlos Hunt, Fabián Mancilla, José Mamani, Exequiel Marambio, Camilo Morales, Karl Mühlenbrock.

The group’s goal is to generate knowledge and to develop technologies that allow a better exploitation of available resources. This is particularly important in currently-exploited deposits and in identified reserves.

The research group seeks to satisfy dynamic demands in the minerals processing-extractive metallurgy market and has a training, multidisciplinary and integrative approach that gathers specialists in several disciplines in order to develop its projects.

Current basal projects by this group

  • Geometallurgical characterization and modelling of mineral & metallurgical processes
  • Recovery of valuable elements from residues & process by-products
  • In situ mining: Design and implementation
  • Valuable mineral recovery from tailing storage facilities
  • Tailing storage facility stability and environmental impact

Fact sheet: Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy