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Automation in mining

auto300x200Principal researchers: Martin Adams, Manuel Duarte, Claudio Pérez, Javier Ruiz del Solar.
Academic Associate Researchers: Pablo Estévez.
Associate researchers: Mauricio Correa, Francisco Galdames, Mauricio Mascaró, Isao Parra, Carlos Tampier.
Postdoctorates: Norelys Águila, Leonardo Cament, Patricio Loncomilla.
Ph.D students: Daniel Herrmann, Felipe Inostroza, Francisco Jaramillo, Luz Martínez, Ghayur Naqvi, David Nova, Wilma Pairo, Juan Pablo Pérez, Loreto Sánchez, Daniel Schulz, Claudio Tapia, Juan Tapia, Sebastián Ulloa, Jorge Vergara, José Miguel Yáñez.
MSc. students: Javier Gallegos, Enrique Guerrero, Pedro Orellana, David Valenzuela.

The group’s main goal is to transfer to the mining productive sector results of research and development carried on during recent years in the fields of automation, robotics, semiconductors & sensing technologies, pattern recognition, image processing and data & sensors networks. The group aims to contribute to the next generation of mining systems through design and build of smart, environmental-friendly equipment and systems.

Current basal projects by this group

  • Integral modelling of energy consumption in mineral & metallurgical processes
  • Rock characterization & process monitoring using hyper-spectral sensors
  • Autonomous vehicle: technology transfer and new challenges
  • Multi-sensorial integration for automated mine operation

Fact sheet: Automation in mining

Fact sheet: Laboratory of robotics and automation in mining