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Water and environmental sustainability


Principal researcher: Yarko Niño.
Associate academic researchers: Manuel Caraballo, James McPhee, Aldo Tamburrino.
Associate researchers: Alex Garcés, Andreina García, Natalia Hassan, Francisco Jara, Miguel Lagos, Santiago Montserrat, Marcela Quintero, Vania Rojas, René Ruby, Felipe Saavedra, Nataly Silva, Jacques Wiertz, Gerardo Zegers.
Postdoctorates: Bárbara Rodríguez, Thomas Shaw.
Ph.D students: Álvaro González, Yohann Videla.
MSc students: Dennys Caro, Cristóbal Delgado, Marlene Huerta, Carlos Paredes.

Our goal is to develop basic knowledge and technologies that allow to foresee and to mitigate the impacts caused by mining activity, during operation and after mine closure, on aquatic systems. We base our work on knowledge-based predictive models of the behavior of technological and natural systems determining the degree of sustainability of the mining industry. These include hydrological systems serving as water sources, physical-chemical mechanisms governing mass and energy changes in environmental systems, and the design and optimal operation of water-intensive engineering systems.

Current basal projects by this group

  • Optimal mine planning and operations under hydrologic uncertainty
  • Transport and fate of metals in rivers affected by mining. Hydro-Chemical and hydrodynamics modelling
  • Development of technologies for the treatment of several sources of water associated with the mining process
  • Hydro-meteorological hazards in mined mountain ranges. Preparedness to climate change
    and new environmental conditions

Fact sheet: Water and environmental sustainability