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Pre-competitive projects

Current projects in 2018 and beyond.

Incorporación de nanocompositos de cobre-grafeno oxidado (Cu-GO) en membranas compuestas de capa delgada (TFC) durante el proceso de polimerización interfacial: Estudio de propiedades de desalinización y anti-bioincrustación
Principal resercher: Bárbara Rodríguez
Start date: December 2017
End date: December 2020

Improving the energy efficiency using fractional controllers: Design, analysis and applications
Principal resercher: Norelys Águila
Start date: November 2017
End date: November 2020

Proceso Integrado de Separación por Membranas para la Recuperación de Cianuro y Metales de Valor en la Minería de Oro y Plata
Principal resercher: Humberto Estay
Funding: FONDEF
Start date: 11-Jan-2018
End date: 10-Jan-2020

Caracterización de alta resolución de la corteza y su deformación en Chile mediante métodos avanzados de inversión sísmica y geodésica
Principal resercher: Diana Comte
Funding: CONICYT
Start date: March 2019
End date: March 2023

Fast object recognition for challenging robotics applications
Principal resercher: Javier Ruiz del Solar
Start date: 01-Apr-2016
End date: 31-Mar-2020

Bioflotation of sulfides in seawater: evaluation of potential application of biocomponents in copper ore processing with seawater (BS2)
Principal researcher: Willy Kracht
Funding source: CONICYT
Start date: 27-Dic-2015
End date: 11-Dic-2018

Development of necessary background for the conceptual design of a passive treatment system for mine acid waters
Principal researcher: Manuel Caraballo
Funding source: Corfo
Start date: 12-Oct-2016
End date: 5-Apr-2018

Software: Multi-variable assessment of geologic resources in complex geometries
Principal researcher: Fabián Soto
Funding source: INNOVA
Start date: 27-Jan-2016
End date: 16-Jan-2018

Autonomous loading system for low-profile frontal loaders
Principal researcher: Javier Ruiz del Solar
Funding source: Fondef
Start date: 1-Jun-2017
End date: 23-Nov-2018

Modelling of hardness and stress variables based on spectral data, for geometallurgic modelling
Principal researcher: Álvaro Egaña
Funding source: Corfo
Start date: 1-Mar-2017
End date: 1-Mar-2019

Geo-mining-metallurgic predictive characterization and modelling: towards the mining of the future
Principal researcher: Brian Townley
Funding source: Fondef
Start date: 4-Feb-2017
End date: 4-Feb-2019


Active projects until December 31st, 2017.

Water treatment equipment for removal of arsenic using nanomaterials and solar energy (SolArsenic)
Principal researcher: Andreina García
Funding source: FONDEF
Start date: 10-Nov-2015
End date: 1-Aug-2017

Packaging and transfer of a mining and geothermal exploration system based in seismic tomography
Principal researcher: Diana Comte
Funding source: INNOVA
Start date: 7-May-2015
End date: 26-Apr-2017

Rapid detection and mineralogic classification system based in hyperspectral analysis
Principal researcher: Martin Adams
Funding source: FONDEF
Start date: 29-Mar-2016
End date: 19-Dic-2017

3D visualization platform for operational and strategic decision-making in mining
Principal researcher: Daniel Carrizo
Funding source: INNOVA
Start date: 27-Jan-2016
End date: 21-Jan-2017

Quantifying the shallow magma reservoirs emplacement in the Andes: implications for the generation of large eruptions and ore deposits
Principal researcher: Francisco Gutiérrez Ferrer
Funding source: CONICYT
Start date: 9-Jan-2016
End date: 7-Jul-2016


Former applied research projects with government funds (PDF, Spanish)

Former basic research projects with government funds (PDF, Spanish)